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Citizendium and APIs

I'll have to write more soon about Citizendium, which is

    an experimental new wiki project. The project, started by a founder of Wikipedia, aims to improve on that model by adding "gentle expert oversight" and requiring contributors to use their real names.

As a member of the Citizendium Editorial Council, I've not yet had much time at all to contribute to the Citizendium but hope to have more time once I'm over the big push right now on my book. My interests around Citizendium are as as much about the technological framework as the actual content of the system. For instance, I hope to help shape technical standards and APIs at the Citizendium to allow for better reuse of its content. (See the documentation for the API available at the Wikipedia that allows external programs to access the Wikipedia and recombine and reuse content.)

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    That sounds great to me (anything particular in mind?). You should get in touch with our lead tech, Jason Potkanski – I believe he's spearheading the fork of mediawiki.

    Mike Johnson
    CZ Executive Committee

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