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A data architect on hiatus

Ever since I left my job as a data architect to focus on writing my book on mashups, I've not had much to say publicly about data architecture, especially as it applies to higher education and the world of libraries. Often, my posts have been in response to specific pieces of news that arrive on my desk in the course of my job. Now, since I have fewer immediate matters to which to react, I've been relatively inactive on this blog.

However, I do think a lot about some perhaps mundane problems that I face as I write my book, barriers that make it difficult to do research and to write up that research and present it on the Web. An example: even though I cite sources in my book, I've not figured out the best way to integrate Zotero (a bibliographic reference manager) into the writing process. I'm a tad embarrassed to admit that I've been formatting references by hand — even though I have a pretty good understanding of bibliographic reference managers and their potential benefits. (I used BibTeX in my Ph.D. dissertation.) How do I manage references that are scattered throughout my digital universe: my social bookmarks, in my Word documents, in my wiki and blogs….etc?

At any rate, please expect sporadic updates over the next months. Most of my blogging around my professional work will be happening on I will, however, write about ideas that come to me as I start to build up my consulting business around the use of XML, web services, and mashup-type thinking.

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