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Notelets: hosting, WordPress, open access repositories, Firefox, LibraryLookup

My Dreamhost-hosted sites are down again: DreamHost Status » Blog Archive » Spacey filer issues. Time to move? But where to go?

If I want to add SSL access to any of the domains I host on, I will need a unique IP address, which costs an extra $4/month . Some threads on this topic: Re: Unique ip?

Since I use WordPress to display code, I'd dearly like to get the bug #3066 (backslash disappears in <pre>) fixed.

I'm glad to see the emergence of APIs in the scholarly/library realm: OpenDOAR – About OpenDOAR – Directory of Open Access Repositories and the corresponding OpenDOAR – Application Programmers' Interface (API)

I'd like to learn how to write a FireFox toolbar. Born Geek » Firefox Toolbar Tutorial is a tutorial that might help:

    This tutorial explains how to create a toolbar extension for the Firefox web browser (specifically for version 1.5 and later). It provides an overview of how extensions are developed, the tools required to create an extension, and details on how toolbars are created. Please note that this tutorial is lengthy; I recommend spending time with it over the course of a few days (it makes for a good weekend read).

The online Barnes and Noble stor ( uses ISBN-13 in the links to books. (e.g., RESTful Web Services) uses ISBN-10. Something to keep in mind to et LibraryLookup to work for Barnes and Noble.

Because I really dig Python, I perk up with any mention of free (?) Plone hosting, such as Objectis – Objectis Community

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