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Notelets for 2007.06.09 (a while ago)

‘omg my mom joined facebook!!’ – New York Times captures some of my own experiences on Facebook and might make a good piece for my Building Next Generation Web Applications course:

    So last week I joined Facebook, the social network for students that opened its doors last fall to anyone with an e-mail address. The decision not only doubled its active membership to 24 million (more than 50 percent of whom are not students), but it also made it possible for parents like me to peek at our children in their online lair.

I'm glad to hear that the current Youtube API will evolve on top the Google GData API: YouTube API Blog: The Future

I didn't know about the Ruby-based API to Sketchup: SketchUp Ruby – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I follow EveryBlock with great interest. (See also Knight Foundation grant — and Poynter Online – E-Media Tidbits, which has more preliminary details about EveryBlock.)

It is important to remember that JavaScript code is case sensitive. I couldn't get an event handler to fire because I wrote alink.onClick and not the correct alink.onclick

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