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Notelets for 2008.01.17

I look forward to the starting up of the Buckland/Larson/Lynch seminar next week.

I'm pleased to see the word "mash-up" used in an article about a Berkeley website: 01.16.2008 – New life for the New Deal:

    "I realized I couldn’t do it myself," Brechin says. "It had to be people all over California working collaboratively," in an echo of the New Deal itself. He turned to the campus’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment and the California Studies Center, which teamed up to take over the project’s website. Designed and managed by volunteers, the site had been built around a "mash-up" – a database-driven system that could display research on New Deal sites on a dynamically created map — created by Jay McCauley, a retired Silicon Valley software-engineering director.

Time to check out the mashup in question: Living New Deal Project

I'm excited that Aaron Schwarz has set up (theinfo):

    This is a site for large data sets and the people who love them: the scrapers and crawlers who collect them, the academics and geeks who process them, the designers and artists who visualize them. It's a place where they can exchange tips and tricks, develop and share tools together, and begin to integrate their particular projects.

I'm going to work in materials from Flickr: The Commons when I come back to building the ScholarsBox. Such good news — having photos from the Library of Congress hosted at Flickr makes them much more reusable than when the photos sat at LC alone. Steve

Check out — the multimedia art history book: Europe:

    This web-booksite is being developed by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker as a dynamic enhancement (or even substitute) for the static traditional art history textbook. By using the strengths of podcasting, video, and other web 2.o technologies, we think we can better meet the needs of students, faculty, and the interested public. Once this site is better established, we intend to invite the user community to add and edit content.

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