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Remembering how to map the key to a function in Writer

Yesterday, I installed the new version 3.0 of Open` I had configured the old version of open to map Ctrl-Q to insert a timestamp of the current time. (I'm using the key mapping from Ecco Pro.) It took me a little while to figure out how to do this configuration once again. Hence I made a little screencast to remind myself of how to do this task, should I have to do it again:

This was also an opportunity to remind myself how to make a rudimentary screencast using Camtasia Studio. In the future I have to learn how to create more sophisticated effects. I'm also looking into using Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows, not only because it's free but actually might be more convenient for simple application. I must say that I'm tempted to upgrade my Camtasia Studio setup to version 1.5 because of its new Zoom-n-Pan Effects. have to download the new version and evaluate whether it's worth the money to upgrade from version 4.0)

On a larger note, I can see making a lot more videos to document what I'm learning so that I can remember how to do things, will also teach others to perform some tasks. I think these videos will expand beyond recording the computer screen.

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