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Fixing the OpenID setup my WordPress blogs

Since I want to make it easier for people to write comments on my weblogs (while not making it too easy for spammers), I added support for OpenID for my blogs by using the WordPress OpenID plugin. Unfortunately, the plug-in stopped working sometime along the way, giving rise to the following error message when users try to log in using OpenID:

    User was created fine, but wp_login() for the new user failed. This is probably a bug.

WordPress › Support » OpenID Plugin (WP 2.5) calls non-existant error() method suggests a possible solution. But I think a better one is to install more current OpenID WordPress plug-in. I've installed the plug-in on Hypotyposis on a Good Day, Mashup Guide, and Data Unbound, and Mixing and Remixing Info and tested the plug-in with two OpenID providers (myOpenID and Yahoo! OpenID)– and things seem to work. My apologies to those who had tried OpenID on my weblogs but were not able to post comments.

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