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Real time citizen participation via Twitter — does it really work?

One paragraph from Congress Jumps on the Web 2.0 Bandwagon | Radical Tech | Fast Company caught my eye:

Latta agrees and adds “Real time communication applications, like Twitter and Facebook, provide Members of Congress an ability to receive feedback from their constituents even as the debate is taking place on the floor of the House.”

Hmmm…I wonder whether Barbara Lee, of California's 9th congressional district), or the two California senators (Barbara Boxer, or Dianne Feinstein) communicate with constituents with Twitter or Facebook. Tweet Congress shows that Boxer does but not Feinstein or Lee. So if I direct messaged @Barbara_Boxer, will that mean anything? If I see something going down on C-Span, should I hop on to Twitter or pick up the phone, run to my fax machine, write letters — or all of the above?

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