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I'm confused: how to provide the proper attribution for a CC-license photo in Freebase?

I'm puzzled by how to provide  the correct attribution to derivatives of Creative Commons licensed.  Does one have to track the entire provenace of the object?  I came across this problem when I wanted to upload a photo from the Wikipedia to Freebase.  Here's how I posed my question on the Freebase general support board:

I'd like to upload the latest photo from (e.g., to but am in a quandary about how to do the proper attribution. The photo in question is a derivative (cropping + light adjustment) of — which is licensed under a CC-BY-SA license. If I want to use the Wikipedia photo (a deriv of the one in Flickr), who do I credit as the copyright holder? The uploader of the Flickr photo? ( if so, do I enter or watchwithkristin or Kristin Dos Santos) The Wikipedia? The wikipedia user who made the last derivative?

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