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Tracking the stimulus/recovery in the news

Over the last couple of months, I've been studying the Stimulus through the lens of the weekly reports published on   My colleagues Erik Wilde and Eric Kansa (at the School of Information at UC Berkeley) and I  made recommendations on how data feeds should be used to foster transparency around stimulus data,  in addition to developing prototypes of the types of visualizations one could do with such data feeds.   We're continuing work on that front, specifically scraping data currently found in Excel and transforming that data into XML (Atom) feeds.

It is much easier to transform the financial data into visualizations and analyses, once it is in the form of feeds (rather than Excel).   The federal government should made the data in the form of  XML in the first place (backed by a schema so that we can check that the data is valid),  instead of making people who want to use that data scrape the data out of Excel in a highly fragile process.

To discern the meaning of the data we are extracting from various government sites,  I am now trying to keep up with the news around the recovery.  Here are some of the sources I've been tracking so far:

This list represents my current starting points.  I naturally expect to find a lot of other useful sources as I go along.

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