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My project idea for the Freebase Hack Day

[Post in progress]

In this post, I will write about my project proposal for the upcoming Freebase HackDay.

The project is to elaborate the prototype at An org chart of the US Federal Government Based on OMB agency and bureau codes.

See what I've written at

I'm writing up a longer post right now, but let me list a few things I'd love help with:

1) to do the reconciliation of governement agenices to Freebase, I built a primitive acre app to help me apply Freebase suggest on a lot of items: — see source: and a background writeup of the idea: Refining this app would be very useful!

2) as part of the reconciliation process, coming up with a good way to figure out from the suggest API whether a given suggestion is given with high confidence or not would be helpful.  Tom Morris has some ideas in

3) writing the data back from the reconciliation would be very useful.  The data behind is — how to model the OMB codes and apply them to the government agenices in Freebase?  How about the entitites I couldn't find Freebase — should we create new entities for them?

4) Re what Spencer wrote:  yes, I'd love to see someone come up with a better visualization than what I have at — especially if there is a generic viewer.

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