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I'm looking forward to Transparency Camp 2009

I'll be at TransparencyCamp 2009 tomorrow (You can follow the conference tweets at #tcamp09, whether or not you'll be in physical attendance.) Since TCamp09 is an unconference, any formal agenda will be determined at the conference by sessions attendees propose there. I'd like to see and attend sessions on the following topics:

  • projects/techniques to track the fiances of the US Government. I've been working on tracking the Recovery Act (aka the Stimulus) and would like to compare notes with others involved with understand how budgets are created, and money allocated and spent at the federal level.
  • projects/techniques on how to generate an ontology or mapping of the structures of the federal and state governments (e.g., how would we map the US Government Manual into structured machine-readable form?)
  • I'd love to hear Joshua Tauberer tell us about and Carl Malamud about
  • business/sustainability models around government transparency projects. I'd like to devote more time to government transparency, but how do we pay the bills?

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