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Must Get Cracking on Organizing Your Life with Python

Talk and tutorial proposals for PyCon 2014 are due tomorrow (9/15) .  I was considering submitting a proposal until I took the heart the appropriate admonition against "conference-driven" development of the program committee.   I will nonetheless use the Oct 15 and Nov 1 deadlines for lightning talks and proposals respectively to judge whether to submit a refinement of the following proposal idea:

Organizing Your Life with Python

David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) system is a popular system for personal productivity.  Although GTD can be implemented without any computer technology, I have pursued two different digital implementations, including my current implementation using Evernote, the popular note-taking program.  This talk explores using Python in conjunction with the Evernote API to implement GTD on top of Evernote. I have found that a major practical hinderance for using GTD is that it way too easy to commit to too many projects.  I will discuss how to combine Evernote, Python, GTD with concepts from Personal Kanban to solve this problem.


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