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Organizing Your Life With Python: a submission for PyCon 2015?

I have penciled into my calendar a trip  to Montreal to attend PyCon 2014.   In my moments of suboptimal planning, I wrote an overly ambitious abstract for a talk or poster session I was planning to submit.  As I sat down this morning to meet the deadline for submitting a proposal for a poster session (Nov 1), I once again encountered the ominous (but for me, definitive) admonition:

Avoid presenting a proposal for code that is far from completion. The program committee is very skeptical of "conference-driven development".

It's true: my efforts to organize my life with Python are in the early stages. I hope that I'll be able to write something like the following for PyCon 2015.

Organizing Your Life with Python

David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) system is a popular system for personal productivity. Although GTD can be implemented without any computer technology, I have pursued two different digital implementations, including my current implementation using Evernote, the popular note-taking program. This talk explores using Python in conjunction with the Evernote API to implement GTD on top of Evernote. I have found that a major practical hinderance for using GTD is that it way too easy to commit to too many projects. I will discuss how to combine Evernote, Python, GTD with concepts from Personal Kanban to solve this problem.

Addendum: Whoops…I find it embarrassing that I already quoted my abstract in a previous blog post in September that I had forgotten about. Oh well. Where's my fully functioning organization system when I need it!

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