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Fine-tuning a Python wrapper for the web API and other #ianno17 followup

In anticipation of #ianno17 Hack Day, I wrote about my plans for the event, one of which was to revisit my own Python wrapper for the nascent web API.

Instead of spending much time on my own wrapper, I spent most of the day working with Jon Udell's wrapper for the API. I've been working on my own revisions of the library but haven't yet incorporated Jon's latest changes.

One nice little piece of the puzzle is that I learned how to introduce retries and exponential backoff into the library, thanks to a hint from Nick Stenning and a nice answer on Stackoverflow .

Other matters

In addition to the Python wrapper, there are other pieces of follow-up for me. I hope to write more extensively on those matters down the road but simply note those topics for the moment.

Videos from the conference

I might start by watching videos from #ianno17 conference: I Annotate 2017 – YouTube. Because I didn't attend the conference per se, I might glean insight into two particular topics of interest to me (the role of page owner in annotations and the intermingling of annotations in ebooks.)

An extension for embedding selectors in the URL

I will study and try Treora/precise-links: Browser extension to support Web Annotation Selectors in URIs. I've noticed that the same annotation is shown in two related forms:

Does the precise-links extension let me write the selectors into the URL?

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