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A clarification of why I'm looking for Recovery TAFS and appropriations

In response to a question I received on a mailing list in response to my query  Does anyone know of a complete and up-to-date list of Recovery Act accounts? concerning why I was looking for amounts appropriated and not just obligated an spent for the Recovery, I wrote the following clarification (which I have edited […]

Does anyone know of a complete and up-to-date list of Recovery Act accounts?

Does anyone know of a complete and up-to-date list of Recovery Act TAFS — basically a list of all the basic accounts of money flowing from the Recovery Act?  There was one published by ProPublica on April 1, 2009 (from the post Falling Short of Expectations So Far – ProPublica ) and one buried […]

My project idea for the Freebase Hack Day

[Post in progress] In this post, I will write about my project proposal for the upcoming Freebase HackDay. The project is to elaborate the prototype at An org chart of the US Federal Government Based on OMB agency and bureau codes. See what I've written at I'm writing up a longer post right now, […]

A first pass at an org chart for the US Federal government

When I started trying to understand how the US Government works, I've been trying to find a chart that would list all the different department, agencies, and other organizational entities that comprise the government — and show how they are related to each other. I can't believe that I'd be the only person to find […]

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copyright status of White House photos on Flickr?

On the "noise list" at the School of Information at Berkeley, we recently got into a discussion about the copyright status of The Official White House Photostream's Photostream on Flickr.   Some of us would agree with the argument presented on the blog of the Creative Commons (Why Did the White House Choose Attribution and not […]

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Previous recommendations would say "open the data" to

As many have jumped into making recommendations on how Recovery data  should be packaged and disseminated, I'm reminded of some important previous work in this area. The first is the ACM U.S. Public Policy Committee (USACM) Recommendations on Open Government. I have a tremendous respect for the ACM as "the world’s largest educational and scientific […]

Amazon Web services in education program

Next time I teach my Mixing and Remixing Information course, I'll probably apply for a grant from the AWS in Education program: AWS in Education provides a set of programs that enable the worldwide academic community to easily leverage the benefits of Amazon Web Services for teaching and research. With AWS in Education, educators, academic […]

I'll be teaching a seminar on mashups at the Educause 2009 Annual Conference

I'm excited to be teaching a pre-conference seminar at the Educause 2009 Annual Conference. My proposal for running a half-day seminar Creating and Enabling Web Mashups was accepted.  The seminar will take place at Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 8:30AM.  I'm looking forward to spending some time in Denver. Here's a short abstract for the […]

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Congressional Oversight Panel, TARP, and Elizabeth Warren

I wish I had time to follow the TARP carefully — following the Stimulus already keeps busy enough. However, I learned a lot from Jon Stewart's April 15 interview with Elizabeth Warren the head of the Congressional Oversight Panel: Part 1 and Part 2.

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Participating in the national online dialogue around

Yesterday, I wrote a story on ProgrammableWeb (An Online Dialogue to Shape to educate readers on (the government website aimed to let American track the spending of money arising from the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — the "Stimulus Package")   and to draw attention to a “national dialogue” this week (until […]

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