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Organizing Your Life With Python: a submission for PyCon 2015?

I have penciled into my calendar a trip  to Montreal to attend PyCon 2014.   In my moments of suboptimal planning, I wrote an overly ambitious abstract for a talk or poster session I was planning to submit.  As I sat down this morning to meet the deadline for submitting a proposal for a poster […]

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Current Status of Data Unbound LLC in Pennsylvania

I'm currently in the process of closing down Data Unbound LLC in Pennsylvania.  I submitted the paperwork to dissolve the legal entity in April 2013 and have been amazed to learn that it may take up to a year to get the final approval done.  In the meantime, as I establishing a similar California legal […]

Must Get Cracking on Organizing Your Life with Python

Talk and tutorial proposals for PyCon 2014 are due tomorrow (9/15) .  I was considering submitting a proposal until I took the heart the appropriate admonition against "conference-driven" development of the program committee.   I will nonetheless use the Oct 15 and Nov 1 deadlines for lightning talks and proposals respectively to judge whether to […]

Embedding Github gists in WordPress

As I gear up I to write more about programming, I have installed the Embed GitHub Gist plugin. So by writing [gist id=5625043] in the text of this post, I can embed into the post to get:

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Working with Open Data

I'm very excited to be teaching a new course Working with Open Data at the UC Berkeley School of Information in the Spring 2013 semester: Open data — data that is free for use, reuse, and redistribution — is an intellectual treasure-trove that has given rise to many unexpected and often fruitful applications. In this […]

A mundane task: updating a config file to retain old settings

I want to have a hand in creating an excellent personal information manager (PIM) that can be a worthy successor to Ecco Pro. So far, running EccoExt (a clever and expansive hack of Ecco Pro) has been a eminently practical solution.   You can download the most recent version of this actively developed extension from […]

MITH API workshop

I'm excited about the upcoming MITH API Workshop to be held in two weeks from Feb 25-26 at UMD : The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities will host a two-day workshop on developing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for the digital humanities. The workshop will gather 40-50 digital humanities scholars and developers, who along […]

Slides for my talk on open government + Freebase

I'm looking forward to giving a little talk on open government + Freebase + Recovery Act data tonight at the Freebase meeting.   I'm deeply excited about the potential of open government data to change how we work with government (not to mention how we understand its workings).    Here are some slides that will help […]

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turning Firebug on and off

Some good documentation on how to turn Firebug on and off for a given site: Odvarko, Jan. “Software is hard | How to enable and disable Firebug 1.2.”

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