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Participating in the national online dialogue around

Yesterday, I wrote a story on ProgrammableWeb (An Online Dialogue to Shape to educate readers on (the government website aimed to let American track the spending of money arising from the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — the "Stimulus Package")   and to draw attention to a “national dialogue” this week (until […]

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working with the bioguide ID for congressperson in Freebase

The Congressional Biographical Directory contains entries for every congressperson from 1774 to the present.  Each congressional representative is associated with an identifier (a bioguide ID).  For example, the bioguide ID for Edward (Ted) Kennedy is K000105.  With this ID, you can determine the URL for the coresponding biographical directory — e.g., Kennedy's is I […]

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When did Obama pledge "universally acccessible formats" for government data?

Barack Obama, as a presidential candidate,  pledged that his administration would "put government data online in universally accessible formats".    I learned about this campaign promise from the post techPresident – Sell Obama stimulus and create new transparency era by democratizing data by W. David Stephenson, who is the co-author of an upcoming O'Reilly book Democratizing […]

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Tracking Mr. Shelby

One of the project areas I'm hoping that some of my students in Mixing and Remixing Information 2009 (MRI 2009) course will take up is promoting government accountability and transparency in the new Obama era. (Interestingly enough, John Musser wrote last week on ProgrammableWeb about the Sunlight Labs Mashup Contest — something I'll definitely have […]

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