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Cool to see a digital historian explain screen-scraping

I'm adding Digital History Hacks to my list of weblogs to follow on the strength the author (William J. Turkel) 's being a historian working in "digital history" and writing about web spidering and scraping. To wit, Digital History Hacks: Teaching Young Historians to Search, Spider and Scrape: To get the most out of the […]

Volker Wulf on communities of practice

Friday's talk by Volker Wulf at the "Friday afternoon seminar on designing for specific communities of practices prompted me to look up a number of concepts and people, including: Etienne Wenger home page Network of practice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Community of practice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Habitus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Web 2.0 in instruction; a book on digital humanities; UIUC folks

Two words from the second half of Spotlight on Web 2.0 12-8-06 1-5-07 FridayLive! TLT Group Online Institute resonated with me: self-service disaggregation In the session, I also learned about the course ETEC 527: Technologies for Instructional Delivery. To dig deeper into digital humanities, I will read A Companion to Digital Humanities, ed. Susan Schreibman, […]