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journalism as an antidote to information overload?

I think that there is certainly an important role for professional journalism, which can act as an invaluable filter. Overload! : CJR: To win the war for our attention, news organizations must make themselves indispensable by producing journalism that helps make sense of the flood of information that inundates us all. In the same issue […]

A nice example of how useful Amazon EC2 and S3 can be

In several weeks, I'll be giving a talk to campus IT staff. I've long wanted to talk up the value of such services as Amazon EC2 and S3. Whenever I bring them up, I have tended to talk in the abstract of all the possibilities. I just came across a nice example in a blog […]


Notelets for 2007.06.09 (a while ago)

‘omg my mom joined facebook!!’ – New York Times captures some of my own experiences on Facebook and might make a good piece for my Building Next Generation Web Applications course: So last week I joined Facebook, the social network for students that opened its doors last fall to anyone with an e-mail address. The […]