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plotting data for counties on Google Maps: Part I

There is a huge amount of government and socio-economic data in general  gathered at the county level.  It would be nice to be able to plot that data on an desktop or online map (e.g., Google maps).  This morning I posted a question on the  Sunlight labs mailing list asking for some help: I would […]

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Notelets for 2007.06.09 (a while ago)

‘omg my mom joined facebook!!’ – New York Times captures some of my own experiences on Facebook and might make a good piece for my Building Next Generation Web Applications course: So last week I joined Facebook, the social network for students that opened its doors last fall to anyone with an e-mail address. The […]

Notelets: hosting, WordPress, open access repositories, Firefox, LibraryLookup

My Dreamhost-hosted sites are down again: DreamHost Status » Blog Archive » Spacey filer issues. Time to move? But where to go? If I want to add SSL access to any of the domains I host on, I will need a unique IP address, which costs an extra $4/month . Some threads on this […]

A data architect on hiatus

Ever since I left my job as a data architect to focus on writing my book on mashups, I've not had much to say publicly about data architecture, especially as it applies to higher education and the world of libraries. Often, my posts have been in response to specific pieces of news that arrive on […]

My "guest expertise" on "Writing for Digital Media"

As a "guest expert" last week in Writing for Digital Media, an online course at Chatham College Online, I had a lot of fun interacting with students in back and forth writing. I thought that I'd capture (in a slightly edited form), what I wrote. (It's probably even more interesting to write down what the […]