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Notelets for 2005.05.20

As I prepare my JCDL 2008 Tutorial (Creating and Enabling Data Mashups), might I make use of Eric Lease Morgan's XML in libraries: A workshop? Of note is an upcoming workshop aimed at libraries — CARL-IT North: Mashup the Library: An introduction to mashup technology and the art of remixing library and information resources. codepad: […]

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Notelets for 2008.01.17

I look forward to the starting up of the Buckland/Larson/Lynch seminar next week. I'm pleased to see the word "mash-up" used in an article about a Berkeley website: 01.16.2008 – New life for the New Deal: "I realized I couldn’t do it myself," Brechin says. "It had to be people all over California working collaboratively," […]

Notelets for 2007.06.18

As I write my book, I find the article Why Do People Write Free Documentation? Results of a Survey quite interesting. The book isn't exactly "free documentation" although I'm putting my book online for free downloading. Besides reading a book, I find it helpful to hear the author talk about his or her book. […]

Notelets for 2007.06.09 (a while ago)

‘omg my mom joined facebook!!’ – New York Times captures some of my own experiences on Facebook and might make a good piece for my Building Next Generation Web Applications course: So last week I joined Facebook, the social network for students that opened its doors last fall to anyone with an e-mail address. The […]

Notelets: I School Master's Projects and why write a computer book?

Over the summer, I hope to take a closer look at all the wonderful work contained in the collection of Master's Final Projects: 2007. I don't think that there is an official API for Google Reader although Niall Kennedy documened an unofficial Google Reader API a while back. Shaking up tech publishing (Loud Thinking) is […]

Notelets: hosting, WordPress, open access repositories, Firefox, LibraryLookup

My Dreamhost-hosted sites are down again: DreamHost Status » Blog Archive » Spacey filer issues. Time to move? But where to go? If I want to add SSL access to any of the domains I host on, I will need a unique IP address, which costs an extra $4/month . Some threads on this […]

Notelets: Educause, library catalogue APIs, Roy Tennant moving to OCLC, Citizendium API

I wish I could attend the Educause Western Regional Conference happening the week after next in SF, whose speaker list includes a number of folks I know personally. It's great to see more library catalogs with APIs, such as those documented in REST output from Huddersfield's catalogue. Congratulations to Roy Tennant on his new position […]

Notelets for 2007.03.19

On my reading list: ALA Changing Roles of Academic and Research Libraries and Users and Uses of Bibliographic Data Meeting – Meetings – (Library of Congress) On my viewing list: videos from code4lib 2007 Open Content: The searchable indexes below expose public domain ebooks, open access digital repositories, Wikipedia articles, and miscellaneous human-cataloged Internet resources.

Notelets for 2007.02.17

Sites such as – Create and share diagrams online makes it easier to work with others online. ACM Transactions on Information Systems has a call for papers for a special issue on "Keeping, Re-finding, and Sharing Personal Information" (due June 15, 2007) I recently installed the Firebug extension and want to show it to […]