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What I hope to learn at the Freebase Build-A-Base meeting tomorrow

I've been thinking about how to prepare for  tomorrow's Build-A-Base tutorial at Freebase. I've already started building two bases: PolDB prototype — a prototype of an IMDB for American politicians Semantic History of Art Prototypes — something I want to develop into a NEH grant proposal For the PolDB project, I should sit down to […]

Plotting political boundaries on Google Maps

As I start to develop a database of politicians for a prototype of PolDB that I'm developing for the Apps for America contest, I will likely be using Google Maps to display state, county, and census boundaries. A good example of such maps to study is Webfoot Census Maps, which I found via Google Maps […]

Get chemical elements with and without boiling point data from Freebase

In response to my question on the Freebase developers list [Developers] how to get items with properties having null values?, Chris Maden of Metaweb quickly wrote me the following solution: To find all elements *with* boiling points: [ { "atomic_number" : null, "boiling_point" : { "value" : null }, "name" : null, "sort" : "atomic_number", […]

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the OAuth + OpenID combo — something to study soon

Official Google Data APIs Blog: Bringing OpenID and OAuth Together: We are happy to announce an important enhancement to our recently launched OpenID endpoint. Google now supports the "Hybrid Protocol", combining OpenID federated login together with OAuth access authorization. Websites can now ask Google to sign-in a user using their Google Account, and at the […]

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Real time citizen participation via Twitter — does it really work?

One paragraph from Congress Jumps on the Web 2.0 Bandwagon | Radical Tech | Fast Company caught my eye: Latta agrees and adds “Real time communication applications, like Twitter and Facebook, provide Members of Congress an ability to receive feedback from their constituents even as the debate is taking place on the floor of the […]

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Amazon Upgrade: the pre-Kindle

Much attention has been paid to the Amazon Kindle, an electronic device to read books that can be purchased and downloaded from But before there was the Kindle, Amazon enabled certain books to be read online — through Amazon Upgrade.  I ordered Getting Started in Consulting and wish more of Amazon's selection were available […]


Citizen science

Today's "NY Times" carries a nice introduction to "citizen science" — A New Kind of Big Science: There is another way to extend our scientific reach, and I believe it can also restore some of what is lost in the process of centralization. It has been called Citizen Science, and it involves the enlistment of […]

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Palm Pre — no backwards Palm OS compatibility, it seems

As a long time owner and user of Palm products (Palm V, Treo 300, Treo 600, Treo 700p), I've been hoping that Palm would release a cutting-edge product that would still enable me to keep synching my contacts with Ecco Pro.   After following the announcement of the Palm Pre has convinced me to hold off […]

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WordPress wish: converting a post to a page

I wish there were a simple way to convert a WordPress post to page — that is without copying and pasting the content — but there doesn't seem to be a way in WP right now (at least according to the convert post to page? thread).

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Getting started with Jython

Time to install The Jython Project. I installed both the current version (2.2.1) and the beta version (2.50b). Time to run through the Jython book and the Jython User Guide.

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