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copyright status of White House photos on Flickr?

On the "noise list" at the School of Information at Berkeley, we recently got into a discussion about the copyright status of The Official White House Photostream's Photostream on Flickr.   Some of us would agree with the argument presented on the blog of the Creative Commons (Why Did the White House Choose Attribution and not […]

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I'm confused: how to provide the proper attribution for a CC-license photo in Freebase?

I'm puzzled by how to provide  the correct attribution to derivatives of Creative Commons licensed.  Does one have to track the entire provenace of the object?  I came across this problem when I wanted to upload a photo from the Wikipedia to Freebase.  Here's how I posed my question on the Freebase general support board: […]

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New Creative Commons license: CC0 — “No Rights Reserved”

The new About CC0 — “No Rights Reserved” Creative Commons license has been released as 1.0. This new license gives "creators a way to waive all their copyright and related rights in their works to the fullest extent allowed by law." Great. Wondering when it'll be available for regular users to associate with their own […]

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try out the zooomr api?

Because the ZooomrAPI was designed to emulate the Flickr API, it shouldn't be that hard to learn once you know the Flickr API.

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Getting started with flickrapi

Based on reading the  Python FlickrAPI, I wrote a simple example using the flickrapi library: import flickrapi API_KEY = '[API_KEY]' API_SECRET = '[API_SECRET]' if __name__ == '__main__': # instantiate the flickr object with the API_KEY, SECRET to return ElementTree entities flickr = flickrapi.FlickrAPI(api_key=API_KEY,secret=API_SECRET,format='etree') photos = flickr.photos_search(user_id='73509078@N00', per_page='10') if photos.attrib['stat']: for photo in photos.find('photos').getiterator('photo'): id = […]

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