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Slides for my talk on open government + Freebase

I'm looking forward to giving a little talk on open government + Freebase + Recovery Act data tonight at the Freebase meeting.   I'm deeply excited about the potential of open government data to change how we work with government (not to mention how we understand its workings).    Here are some slides that will help […]

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pageid/curid as a unique id for Wikipedia pages

In my learning how to program Freebase, I've come across links to the Wikipedia that make use of a curid parameter.  For example, is the same as At least, the two pages seem to be the same thing as far as I can see. How to do a lookup btween curid and the […]

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I'm confused: how to provide the proper attribution for a CC-license photo in Freebase?

I'm puzzled by how to provide  the correct attribution to derivatives of Creative Commons licensed.  Does one have to track the entire provenace of the object?  I came across this problem when I wanted to upload a photo from the Wikipedia to Freebase.  Here's how I posed my question on the Freebase general support board: […]

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working with the bioguide ID for congressperson in Freebase

The Congressional Biographical Directory contains entries for every congressperson from 1774 to the present.  Each congressional representative is associated with an identifier (a bioguide ID).  For example, the bioguide ID for Edward (Ted) Kennedy is K000105.  With this ID, you can determine the URL for the coresponding biographical directory — e.g., Kennedy's is I […]

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IP restrictions on the Sunlight Labs APIs and associated data sets?

I just posed a question on the sunlightlabs api group (ok to push data sets and APIs to – Sunlight Labs API Discussion | Google Groups): My question is whether it's ok for me to upload some of the data I can get from to Freebase then makes its collection of data […]

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Get chemical elements with and without boiling point data from Freebase

In response to my question on the Freebase developers list [Developers] how to get items with properties having null values?, Chris Maden of Metaweb quickly wrote me the following solution: To find all elements *with* boiling points: [ { "atomic_number" : null, "boiling_point" : { "value" : null }, "name" : null, "sort" : "atomic_number", […]

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