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WordPress wish: converting a post to a page

I wish there were a simple way to convert a WordPress post to page — that is without copying and pasting the content — but there doesn't seem to be a way in WP right now (at least according to the convert post to page? thread).

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Fixing the OpenID setup my WordPress blogs

Since I want to make it easier for people to write comments on my weblogs (while not making it too easy for spammers), I added support for OpenID for my blogs by using the WordPress OpenID plugin. Unfortunately, the plug-in stopped working sometime along the way, giving rise to the following error message when users […]

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How WordPress Sanitizes Tags and Attributes

Yesterday, I thought that my installations of WordPress did not allow the use of the class attribute in my span HTML elements. To fix the problem, I followed the trail of references leading from » WordPress Strips Classnames, And How To Fix It I learned that WordPress uses the kses PHP library to filter […]

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Changing various annoying aspects of WordPress

Yesterday, I came across two behaviors of WordPress (v 2.6.3), that I wanted to change: the HTML editor sanitizes code in a post if you use the visual editing mode. WordPress changes regular single and double quotation marks into "smart quotes", which causes major problems for snippets of code One way to change this behavior […]

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